COVID-19 Assistance Fund

The disciples, walking on the Road to Emmaus, were fleeing the horrible events that took place in Jerusalem. They experienced tremendous loss. The man they gave their lives to follow was betrayed. Their Rabbi died a dishonorable death. All their friends scattered out of fear. A way of life they believed would lead them to better life ended. All hope was gone.

Currently, people are stuck at home, and much of the economy is shut down. Many have lost jobs. Some have lost their way of life. 

Just because the economy is shut down, the demands of life do not take a break. Families must eat. Utility bills must get paid. Cars need gas. Medical bills pile up. When out of work and short on money, life seems hopeless. 

We must be ready to help our sisters and brothers who have been affected by Covid-19. We must prepare to help parishioners feed their families, pay bills, gas up the car, access medical care. We can give them hope. 

Christ Episcopal Church is now collecting money for the Covid-19 Assistance Fund. 

On the road to Emmaus, when darkness fell, Christ opened the eyes of the disciples. Christ prayed. He broke bread and gave it to them. The disciples saw it was Christ by his actions. They understood Christ had been walking with them the whole time. With hope and joy restored, they ran back to Jerusalem proclaiming, the Good News.

Walking by our side is Christ. As Christ walks with us, we walk together with our brothers and sisters of Christ Episcopal Church. Together we will make our way through the darkness cast by Covid-19. We light the dark road by praying for one another and helping each other. Giving our people "bread to eat," in the form of financial assistance, we will restore hope.

Please, contribute to the Covid-19 Assistance Fund.