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Wellness Commission

Lead: Linda Dozier – email Ms. Dozier

Stewardship Commission

Lead, Barbara Strauss – email Ms. Strauss



Lead: John Willbanks - email Mr. Willbanks


Lectors and LEM’s

Lead: Elizabeth Sterling – email Ms. Sterling


Pet Blessings

Lead: Jill McDonald – email Ms. McDonald

Congregational Care Committee

Lead: Bobbie Wallstrom - email Ms. Wallstrom

Mission in Action

Lead: Carol Monroe - email Ms. Monroe

Altar Guild, Flowers, Greening of the Church, Easter Lilies

Lead: Delinda Woltring - email Ms. Woltring 

Ministry Spotlight Video

Children's Chapel / Roots Youth Group

Children's Chapel Lead:

Jen Frost - email Ms. Frost

Roots Youth Group Lead:

Ruth Sobieralski - email Ms. Sobieralksi


Lead: Tony Martinez – email Mr. Martinez

Ministry Spotlight Video:


Lead: Richard Wallstrom - email Mr. Wallstrom

Ministry Spotlight Video:

Music Ministry

Lead: Dave Gravis - email Mr. Gravis

Ministry Spotlight Video

Senior Shepherds 

Lead: Betty Prince – email Ms. Prince

Ministry Spotlight Video

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