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The labyrinth is a single, meandering path leading to and returning from a center circle . The labyrinth has many 180 degree turns and an equal number of right and left turns. Unlike a maze, the labyrinth has no blind alleys or puzzles to solve. You cannot get lost!


The purpose of the labyrinth is for prayer and meditation. As a metaphor for the spiritual journey, the labyrinth suggests insights and analogies for each person's place on the spiritual path. The labyrinth is an effective tool for "centering prayer" which is very focused and undistracted listening to God.
The labyrinth helps us center on God through the physical act of walking a set path that requires our attention. In the walking, distractions vanish, allowing the mind to rest, further empowering the Spirit to lead the labyrinth walker.


Pause at the entrance and ask God to direct your prayer. Take a moment to reflect on where you are in your life.

  • You may want to enter with a question or problem for which you are seeking guidance.

  • Meditate on a scripture.

  • Simply silence your mind, letting your senses become aware of your surroundings.

  • Let the labyrinth set your pace. You may simply walk, letting the labyrinth slow and calm you, or you may run, skip, or dance your way through. Just be careful of the rocks.

  • If you meet someone else on the path, simply step into the adjacent path and allow them to pass.

  • If you get confused on your location or progress in the labyrinth, just keep going and you will wind up at either the center or the entrance.

  • Pause as you exit the labyrinth and thank God for His presence to you while experiencing the labyrinth.

  • Take some time to reflect on your labyrinth experience.

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