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We have a Revised Mask Policy!

Due to the improved conditions of decreased community spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Vestry has adopted a new mask policy for the church. Beginning immediately:

  • When we gather at Christ Episcopal Church and it is likely that some of our members who are present are ineligible for vaccination for COVID-19, (for example, during indoor worship or children’s Sunday school) masks will be worn by all for the sake of, and in solidarity with, those whose health is at risk.

    • Exceptions during indoor worship may include readers when reading, preachers when preaching, choir when singing and musicians when playing.

  • Masks are not required during outdoor worship. Those who are not yet vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear a mask. Physical distancing remains in effect.

  • When all of those gathered are fully vaccinated, especially in small group settings: fellowship/discipleship groups and committee meetings, masks are not required.

    • At the beginning of each small group meeting, a check-in will be made to see if anyone wishes to keep masks on. If so, all will wear a mask. Please have a mask on-hand when on the church campus for such occasions.

  • This policy will be reviewed as things continue to change.

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