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  • 11:00 AM ROOTS Youth Group 

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2019 June Vestry Voice

By Velma Booth

The Vestry had a great meeting with our new Bishop, Kai Ryan. We were impressed with how interested she was and the penetrating questions she asked. We discussed successes we have had, future initiatives, and challenges that Christ Church faces.  We celebrated her visit with a wonderful congregational picnic, complete with great food and fun games. We were honored to have her visit us so soon after her ordination.

Some of our successes revolve around process changes, ministry coordination, and new committee creation, such as the Hospitality Committee. We are also focusing on revitalizing standing committees, creating new ones, such as Evangelism, and ramping up our pool of volunteers.  The last is a particular area of challenge for us and, to that end, we are focusing on a new model in which someone consents to serve as a committee lead for a specific period of time and we, the Vestry, commit to helping them to find a successor. The ideal would be for the successor to work alongside the lead to be fully trained. We hope this ensures succession planning and helps with volunteer burnout. We appreciate the fact that sometimes people just want a change and perhaps do something else, or just take a break for a while. We hope the new model will allow for that sort of flexibility. We are off to a good start, with the Prayer Committee and the Hospitality Committee having successors in place.  

Another major initiative that will be underway soon is Visioning, where members of the Vestry solicit feedback from ministry leads and others, regarding where they see our church in the future. This is an exciting initiative that will enable us to plan strategically for the future growth of our church as the communities around us grow. We must ensure we are in a position to serve the needs of those around us.

As always, we deeply appreciate your support , prayers, and encouragement as we embark on our journey together into the future!